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'Three's a crowd' 2023


"Three's a Crowd" emerges as the latest addition to a captivating series that began with the exploration of 'Couples' and 'With the Flow.' This light panel artwork intricately arranges small colored circles in trios, symbolizing the complexity of group dynamics and interaction. Each trio of circles forms a distinct visual unit, inviting viewers to delve into the delicate balance and interplay between individuals within a larger collective. Continuing the interactive journey of its predecessors, the owner of "Three's a Crowd" can connect to the hanging light panel via smartphone, granting them the ability to dynamically adjust the hue of the circles. Through this connection, viewers can influence the mood and atmosphere of the artwork, allowing it to evolve and adapt to suit their preferences. As the colors shift and blend, "Three's a Crowd" transcends its physical form, becoming a dynamic reflection of the viewer's own exploration of group dynamics and the beauty of harmonious relationships. .

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