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Sam Griffiths is a South-London artist and a graduate of both Central Saint Martins and Wimbledon College of Arts. Amongst an abundance of personal artistic triumphs and commissioned works, Griffiths boasts a first-class degree in Technical Arts and Special Effects. With a distinct perspective and practice, his abstract LED light panels juxtaposes his hyper-realistic sculptures. This fine eye for detail is seen in each of his chosen mediums and connects his work and his outlook on life. 

Griffiths pairs precision and skill with a veracious need to experiment and push the boundaries of his own practice. More recently seen through his light panel work which aim to serve a dual purpose; to be both visually captivating, as well as transformative for the space in which it is displayed.

Born 1996. Lives and works in London, England.

2019 BA, Wimbledon College of arts, University of the Arts London. Theatre and Screen - Technical Arts and Special Effects
2016 Foundation, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.


Shortlisted for 'FACES24', Society of Portrait Sculptors, London, England

Joint show, Jaro Gallery, Jersey, Channel Islands 

Joint show,  Glue Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Faces23, Society of Portrait Sculptors, 8 Garrison Chapel, London, England
Solo Work in Progress show, HJEM, London, England
Joint show, Woolff Gallery, London

Two pieces on display in HJEM, London, England
Two pieces on display in Thegoodsalon, London, England

Degree Show, Wimbledon College of arts, London, England 

Foundation show, Central Saint Martins, London, England 
Paris to London show, Central Saint Martins x Paris College of Arts 


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