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'Straight forward' 2023


"Straight Forward" offers a mesmerizing exploration of the universal journey we all share, depicted through a hangable light panel adorned with linear lines and colors. The artwork delves into the notion that despite our individual paths, we are interconnected and ultimately following a collective trajectory. Through the interplay of linear elements and hues, "Straight Forward" invites viewers to contemplate the idea of unity amidst diversity, as each line represents a unique journey converging with others on a shared path. Owners of "Straight Forward" are invited to engage with the artwork on a personal level by connecting to it via smartphone. This interactive feature allows them to adjust the hue of the lights, tailoring the aesthetic of the piece to reflect their mood and preferences. As the colors shift and blend, "Straight Forward" serves as a dynamic symbol of the ever-changing nature of our collective journey, inspiring introspection and connection with the broader human experience.

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