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'Strands' 2023


"Stands" presents a captivating interpretation of the intricate beauty found within the strands of DNA. While not a direct mimicry of the double helix structure, this light panel art piece embraces the essence of genetic material through its abstract depiction of intertwining lines and shapes. The artwork's minimalist yet evocative design invites viewers to contemplate the complexity of life and the interconnectedness of all living things. Through smartphone connectivity, owners of "Stands" have the power to customize the hue of the light emitted by the panel, offering a personalized and interactive experience. Whether bathed in vibrant primary colors or subtle pastel tones, the ability to control the illumination adds a dynamic layer to the piece, allowing viewers to curate their own aesthetic journey. As the colors shift and blend, "Stands" transforms any space into a captivating realm of visual intrigue, seamlessly merging artistry with technology.

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