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'Same same, but different' No.2 2023


"Same same, but different No.2" stands as the second installment in a captivating series that explores the intricate relationship between individuality and unity. Through the portrayal of two blended circles reflecting each other, this light panel artwork delves deeper into the paradox of human existence—we are all distinct, yet fundamentally interconnected. Building upon the themes established in its predecessor, "Same same, but different No.2" invites viewers to ponder the profound unity that underlies the diversity of human experience, emphasizing the beauty found in our shared humanity. Owners of "Same same, but different No.2" can intimately engage with the artwork by connecting to it via smartphone, allowing them to adjust the hue of the light to suit their mood and aesthetic preferences. As the colors shift and blend, the artwork becomes not just a static representation, but a dynamic reflection of the viewer's own exploration of individuality and connection. Through its visually striking and emotionally resonant composition, "Same same, but different No.2" offers a poignant reminder of the universal thread that binds us all.

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