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'Same same, but different' No.1 2023


"Same same, but different No.1" serves as the inaugural piece in a captivating series that explores the delicate balance between individuality and unity. Featuring two blended circles reflecting each other, this light panel artwork offers a visual meditation on the nuanced paradox of human existence—we are all distinct, yet fundamentally interconnected. Through its thought-provoking composition, "Same same, but different No.1" prompts viewers to contemplate the profound unity underlying the diversity of the human experience, setting the stage for further exploration in subsequent pieces of the series. As the owner of "Same same, but different No.1" connects to the artwork via smartphone, they gain the ability to adjust the hue of the light to suit their mood and preferences. This interactive feature adds depth to the piece, inviting viewers to engage with its symbolism and aesthetic on a personal level. Through its visually captivating portrayal and emotionally resonant themes, "Same same, but different No.1" initiates a journey of introspection and connection for viewers, reminding them of the universal thread that binds us all.

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