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'Rush Hour' 2023


"Rush Hour" is a captivating light panel artwork that skillfully captures the hustle and bustle of foot traffic in a vibrant cityscape. Through the use of straight horizontal and vertical lines of varying lengths, as well as a rich spectrum of colors, the piece immerses viewers in the dynamic atmosphere of a bustling urban environment during rush hour. Vertical lines, symbolizing the movement of hurried commuters, are intersected by horizontal lines, cleverly echoing the stop-and-start rhythm of navigating through crowded streets. With the ability to connect to the artwork via smartphone, owners of "Rush Hour" can personalize their viewing experience by adjusting the hue of the lights to match their mood and aesthetic preferences. This interactive feature adds depth to the piece, allowing viewers to tailor the ambiance of their space and engage with the artwork on a more intimate level. As the colors shift and blend, "Rush Hour" becomes not just a static representation of urban life, but a dynamic reflection of the viewer's own emotions and perceptions of the bustling cityscape.

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