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'Original Curve' No.2 2023


"Original Curve No.2" continues the captivating journey initiated by its predecessor, exploring the interplay of light, perspective, and shape in new and intriguing ways. This LED light panel artwork hangs vertically, presenting viewers with a tall, thin horizontal reflection originating from the center. As viewers engage with the piece, they are drawn into a mesmerizing experience that challenges perceptions and invites contemplation. Owners of "Original Curve No.2" retain the ability to connect to the artwork via smartphone, empowering them to alter the color combinations according to their mood and vibe. This interactive feature not only allows for personalization of the artwork but also amplifies its transformative potential within the space it inhabits. As the colors shift and blend, "Original Curve No.2" creates a dynamic and immersive atmosphere, serving as a captivating focal point that enhances the ambiance of any environment.

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