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'Original Curve' No.1 2024


"Original Curve" marks the inception of an enthralling series delving into the realms of light, perspective, and shape. This LED light panel artwork captivates viewers with its seamless flow from left to right vertically, drawing them into a mesmerizing journey of exploration. As viewers engage with the piece from different angles, they experience a fascinating optical illusion: when viewed from the side, the opposite side of the artwork seems to vanish as the curve wraps around, adding an element of intrigue and wonder to the viewing experience. With the ability to connect to the artwork via smartphone, owners of "Original Curve" possess the power to alter the color combinations, tailoring the piece to suit their mood and vibe. This interactive feature not only allows the artwork to adapt to the individual atmosphere of the viewer but also has the potential to transform the entire ambiance of the space it inhabits. As the colors shift and blend, "Original Curve" becomes more than just a static piece of art—it becomes a dynamic and immersive focal point that resonates with the ever-changing emotions and energies of its surroundings.

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