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'Curved circle' No.1 2024


"Curved Circle" introduces viewers to the first installment in a captivating trilogy exploring the interplay of light, shape, and curves. This LED light panel artwork features a mesmerizing depiction of a curved circle, inviting viewers to contemplate the elegance and fluidity of its form. As the inaugural piece in the series, "Curved Circle" sets the stage for an exploration of the dynamic possibilities inherent in the intersection of light and shape. Owners of "Curved Circle" have the unique opportunity to engage with the artwork on a personal level by connecting to it via smartphone. Through this connection, they can dynamically change the color of the piece, allowing for a customizable and immersive viewing experience. As the colors shift and blend, "Curved Circle" serves as a dynamic canvas for self-expression, offering viewers the chance to interact with the artwork in a way that resonates with their mood and aesthetic preferences.

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