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'Changing Paths' 2023


"Changing Paths" is a captivating light panel artwork that delves into the profound concept of life's ever-shifting trajectories. Through the strategic interplay of horizontal and vertical lines, the piece symbolizes the myriad choices and decisions one faces along their journey. Horizontal lines signify the steady passage of time, while vertical lines represent the divergent paths and opportunities that present themselves. This dynamic composition invites viewers to reflect on the fluidity of existence and the constant evolution of personal direction. What distinguishes "Changing Paths" is its interactive feature, enabling the owner to forge a deeper connection with the artwork. By harnessing color-changing technology, the piece becomes a canvas for emotional expression, allowing the owner to adjust the hue to match their mood or feeling. This interactive element transforms the artwork into a reflection of the owner's inner state, fostering a profound sense of resonance and personal connection. As the colors shift and blend, "Changing Paths" serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and complexity inherent in navigating life's ever-changing course.

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